Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My super duper ABAH ;D

I, AFIQAH IZZATI BINTI MAZLAN, the 3rd child of MR. MAZLAN BIN MAT ALI hereby wishing him a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! You're my great superhero that I have ever had exclude the Superman, Spiderman, Ultraman, Batman n even the Power Rangers la. Thank you for being such a great father and never get annoyed with us, your very cheeky naughty  yet mischievous children SYAZWAN, AINNATUL, IZZATI n HAKIMI. I want you to know that I really love it to be in the car which was driven by you. I at all material time feel like a superstar slaying on the highway! are also my super duper GPS..can you transfer your memory into my cerebrum?? ;D THANK YOU ABAH! I LOVE U SO MUCH!! I used to write this entry using proper English language otherwise I'll be scolded by my English teacher, my father. ;P

p/s: Will be release in cinema, Lagenda Anak-anak Mazlan.. ;D


  1. naaaahh, tggu je kuar kat cinema. pecah panggung nt! haha~

  2. ehh gila sumpah style ayahnda you

    rasa nak beli superbike apgi :)

    terbaik dari ladang ampang

    ehh :p

  3. perghhh..siap nk wat filem ag.mentang2 bwu tgk lagenda bdk setan.tupp tuppp..nk kua ngn lagenda ank2 mazlan...ishish (cpt t'pengaruh,amaran!!)

  4. farah: haha..ade ke ladang kat ampang 2?? my father mmg style gyler kan? anak dye jgn ckp la..lg stylo!! ;D

    akira: kuikuikui..tggu la nt kuar kat wyg! ;P