Tuesday, February 24, 2015

First Day of Final Semester


Hello readers. Time had flown so fast lately. Like a blink of eyes, I'm a final year undergraduate law student now and is in the final semester. To hold the title as a final year student just make my head spinning. I can't imagine that I  have gone through my tough years in UKM and now it is about to end. :'( Remembering all those good old days of me wrote a project paper (the toughest part I must say), done with all PBLs, client counselings, debates, vivas and presentations just make me sick but still I'm proud to be given those experiences.

And today I attended my first lecture of my final semester. Nothing much I learned today as I was late to the class. The ambiance of the first day of class will always be the same. Those happy faces of my classmates coming to class and meeting our friends back after spending 6 weeks of mid semester break. Sitting on the bench and sharing stories and quick self update. :) This would be my last chance to experience the first day of class' ambiance. Surely it will be missed.

So I'm looking forward for all tasks that will be handed over to us for this final semester. Deep in my heart, I hope we could go through the semester well and are able to graduate together. Amin....

p/s: Tak lama je lagi nak habis. Jangan nanti nangis taknak tinggalkan UKM sudah.