Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How I See My Problems

I was watching a moth fly in my hostel room yesterday. In an effort to escape the room, he kept flying against the window, hitting his head against the glass over and over. Then he stopped launching himself at it like a missile and stuck to one windowpane, buzzing about like he was having a panic attack. It was quite frustrating to watch, especially because he’d just flown up a little bit higher toward the top of the window, which was open, he’d have been free. But he just kept doing the same thing over and over again. I could imagine his frustration of being able to see the trees, the sky, just on the other side of the glass, yet not being able to get to them. I tried to help him a few times, to guide him toward the open window, but he flew away from me and continued his manic flying around the room.

Then I thought my watching from the bed is what it’s like Allah see in me. He sits back and sees the big picture, just as I could see the moth just moved up a few inches, he’d be free. He wasn’t trapped at all, he was just looking in the wrong place. I know that Allah see a way out for me in facing my never ending problems. If I can see the open window for the moth, then HE can see the tomorrows for me. That idea brings me comfort though.

P/s: Deep gila entry aku. Dah lama gila tak menulis essay, so entry kali ni rasa macam tengah tulis essay SPM pulak.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Day Well Spent at Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Hello people! Tiba-tiba rajin nak update blog. Sebenarnya bukan rajin sangat pun, cuma bosan nak mati malam-malam gini lepastu tak boleh tidur pulak. Maklumlah sejak jadi final year student ni waktu tidur memang tunggang-langgang habis. Sobs sobs sobs sobs sobs…. T_T

 Do you miss me?

These past few weeks were a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, but one of the high points of it was being able to go to Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) with my friends. We never intended to go there before and it was an ad hoc plan I must say. It was amazing to spend our quality time together as we are in final semester and do not have much time left to enjoy our student life.

So eleven of us pun carpooling la pergi ke Kepong tu. At the early of 6:30 am I’ve to wake up and bersiap-siap nak pergi and the night before pulak tidur lambat. Amekaw! Punya berat nak bangun. Tapi antara 11 org tu, aku la antara yang paling lambat siap padahal tak mandi pun. Just gosok gigi and cuci muka. Tapi muka still cantik berseri persis perempuan Melayu terakhir. Ehem!

Dalam pukul 8 lebih all of us sampai FRIM and I was like “FUYOOHH CANTIKNYA TEMPAT NI!” Maklumlah 1st time sampai kan. The view was really a breath taking. Aku memang suka dengan kehijauan hutan, so memang teruja habis. Dah sampai tu kitorang aim nak naik canopy walk je. Excited gila tunggu depan kaunter tiket padahal kaunter bukak pukul 9 lebih.  This is because the tickets are very limited. Kalau nak selamat better book awal-awal kalau nak naik canopy walk tu. Bukan apa, untuk booking FRIM cuma jual 200 tix je whereas walk in 50 tix. Kalau book pulak, kalau lebih 10 org kita kena amek nature guide and harga dia mahal sikit.

*TIPS: Kalau pergi ramai-ramai macam kitorang, datang awal. Lepastu tunggu depan kaunter. Then split yourself into small groups. Like us, we all divide into 2 groups. Tapi nak selamat, satu small group tu better ada 3 org je. Sebabnya masa beli tiket tu kitorang kena persoal kenapa ramai. Masa tu pretend la tak kenal each other and inform the counter we were from different uni. Oh ya, tiket RM5 je ye untuk adult. We tried to use our student card to get discount tapi taktau pasaipa akak kaunter tu tak terima. Student punya price RM3 je.

Dah settle tiket kitorang panjat la bukit tu. My goodness, penat okay sebab aku dah lama tak jungle tracking or panjat bukit. Fortunately FRIM provides bench untuk rest kat atas tu. Tapi tak banyak la. Tak ingat berapa lama we all berjalan/panjat/mendaki bukit tu sedar-sedar je dah sampai. OMG excited uolsssss!

*Some of us dekat tangga nak naik canopy walk*

Sumpah best! Aku tak takut pun naik canopy walk tu and even aku melompat lagi atas titi tu. HEHEHEHEEE… *kekadang keluar jugak perangai kanak-kanak riang aku tu* The canopy walk is at about above 300 meter at sea level and if I’m not mistaken approximately 30 meter above ground level. Tak sempat pun nak rasa gayat sebab excited gila! Aku tak puas jalan atas canopy walk tu sebab tak panjang sangat. Sobs sobs sobs sobs…

Okay ni muka yang tak mandi cuma gosok gigi and cuci muka tu.
Yang belakang tu KL view tapi tak jelas sangat.
(Pipi membuak tu nak pergi mana oii)

Then after dah bercanopy walk tu, we went to waterfall to breakfast and mandi-manda. Unfortunately we all terpisah masa turun bukit. Me, Naddy and Hanis were at the front and lepak kat air terjun dekat picnic area. Group Mama pulak sesat and lepak dekat mana entah. Terus hilang mood aku nak mandi. Downnn :(

Kami pelajar tahun akhir jurusan Undang-Undang UKM mengucapkan
selamat menempuh final semester kepada Batch 27 FUU UKM

So to make it short lepas dah siap mandi and berkumpul we searched for Pokok Kapur pulak sebelum bergerak balik ke campus. Pokok Kapur ni unik tau sebab the leaves takkan bersentuhan with each other, so nampak cantik je. Apart from having bonding time together, fun was indeed had. It was such a wonderful moment and kalau ada chance, aku nak pergi sini lagi.

Pokok Kapur. One of the attractions at FRIM. I found it beautiful. Do you?

p/s: I met new awesome people, got to spend quality time there, listened to an amazing sound of the nature and have load of fun. Here’s to more friendship moment in the future. Selagi ada masa, I will try to spend more time with my UKM mates. Inshaa Allah.